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What I Can Offer

Counselling is an opportunity to be open and honest with your thoughts and feelings within a safe and confidential environment. In doing so, your counsellor will encourage you to talk about your issues. With the right guidance it can enable you to identify the root cause of your difficulties and where you might be stuck. Every session is different for each individual and it is not as straightforward as your counsellor telling you what to do.

When required, techniques and strategies can be provided in order to seek ways of managing your difficulties as well as promoting positive energy towards influencing change. An action plan may also be jointly created and agreed, encouraging you to reach your realistic goal and step by step taking you closer towards achieving what you want to change.

It can be necessary to bring up painful and sometimes upsetting material and it is often the case that things may get worse before they feel better. This does not mean you are failing or the therapy is  not working and with close support and mutual understanding, counselling can help you to move forward on your journey so you can overall feel better in yourself and about yourself.

Is Counselling for you?

When considering counselling, some things to contemplate are:

  • What you want to gain from counselling

  • Whether you are ready or want to change

  • Acknowledge that for change to happen counselling can be challenging at times

  • Your willingness and commitment to apply possible lifestyle changes

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